In 1998, Mac Recovery Club was born and we were but two.

In 1999 we evolved to MRC and in 2001 we evolved again with Mac OSX to iCare Support.

It’s now 2018, twenty years on, we’ve evolved again.We have grown, the Mac has shrunk.

Our 20 years of consistent growth has been based on our original business support concept.  Customer 1st. Customer 2nd. No half measures.

After 20 years we still answer the telephone in person, no automated answering.

A simple understanding that today’s contemporary computer user and the computer they use, is a wholly different set up to those of yesteryear and therefore in need of a different approach.

We understand that modern computer equipment is mechanically very reliable; 96% of calls we receive today are about software issues, where to purchase cost effectively, or how to get the best from the investment.

Our support package reflects this as does our annual fees.

Want to buy now?     Tel: 0844 567 6915

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